Is Mineral Oil Bad for My Skin?

Sometimes things that are good in life can unfortunately get a bad reputation that is undeserved (not to mention hard to shake off). Such is the case with mineral oils, a harmless ingredient that has been used in so many millions of cosmetic skincare products, but has been linked online and in press to all types of terrible things. It’s simply time to set the record straight on mineral oils, and why those negative rumors that you’ve heard and read are straight up lies.

What Exactly is Mineral Oil?

Mineral oil is a clear, odourless oil that is derived from petroleum. It is widely used in cosmetic products because it rarely causes any allergic reactions and that it cannot become solid or clog pores. Studies have also found that mineral oils and it’s semi-solid form petrolatum (more commonly known as Vaseline) can aid in the healing of wounds and are amongst the most effect moisturising ingredients available to man.

Through its association to petroleum, people have claimed that mineral oil is bad for your skin or that it ages it. When in essence, petroleum is actually itself a naturally occurring substance that comes from the earth. And once it has been turned into cosmetic-grade mineral oil, it bares no resemblance to petroleum itself. The mineral oil used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are highly purified and completely safe for your body.

Concerns around the Environment

Another common argument against the use of mineral oils is that it process of extracting it is damaging to the environment and that is is a non-renewable resource. Firstly, mineral oil itself is not a resource - it is a byproduct of the petroleum industry. Nobody out there is actively drilling for oil in the search of petroleum dedicatedly for cosmetics. Mineral oil is extracted and purified from petroleum that has always been recovered from other industries.

Can Mineral Oil Clog My Pores?

Despite the greasy feel, mineral oil cannot clog your skins pores because it simply can’t penetrate your skin. The molecular size is too big to get into the pore lining where any clogging would happen. So this is great news, because the mineral oil simply remains on the surface of your skin, where it can do the most good. However those with already oily skins may not like how products with mineral oil feel on them.


So the bottom line here is that Delune can state clearly that mineral oil is safe to use and any rumors or stories against it are completely unfounded. The mineral oil that you find in your products are completely safe and are very good for your skin, especially if you’re dry or sensitive.


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