Lip Venom™

Lip Venom™

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Delune Lip Venom™ is an incredible hydrator. Our customers and reviewers have even said it’s the world’s best hydrating lip product. Now - that’s quite the title to given, but we’ll take it - we totally know our Lip Venom is awesome - we made it to be.

Our year long development process behind our Lip Venom means we can stand by two qualities that we as a company are proud to stand behind and back up. The first is instant hydration. Our Lip Venom contains natural peptides and oils that won’t just sit on top of your lips and look pretty, but they’ll actually sink in and make your lips pretty.

Secondly, lots of users see a reduction and blurring of visible vertical lines. You know those lines on your lips…. Well, they’ll look photoshopped out. And all of this without a single sting or peppery buzz. It’s just amazing what nature can do without the need for chemicals. Oh and the best part, it tastes of watermelon!

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